Multiple skills to make the power of video work for you.

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Mushroom City Video, based in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, offers you custom video production at a reasonable price. That's because you get a provably accomplished writer, interviewer, photographer, editor and musician in the same person—Matt Freeman, the creative force behind the business.

If you think video could help show the world what you do, I'm here to help. Let's talk about how the medium's strengths could show you at your best. I've taken plenty of people from the curiosity stage step by step through to unveiling a finished work they're delighted with and rightly proud of. 

We have amazing tools to work with today. But you still need the vision and instincts to create a video that cuts through the noise and gets watched and acted on. I'm a multimedia communicator, employing the most modern gear available in the timeless art of storytelling. Get in touch and let's talk about whether I'm the right person to tell yours. 

Oh, by the way, we grow a kajillion mushroom right in the area, hence the name. I'm serious about the work but having fun is part of the job. 

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